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November 2011 in science: from metallic hydrogen to jump rope

falling behind falling behind falling behind!

Metallic lattice was created with density less than air, able to spring back after 50% compression.

Metallic hydrogen, predicted long ago, was finally created in a lab. On a diamond anvil.

Also in material science, MoS2 became the second single-layer material after graphene stabilized by 3D ripples.

In physics, the faster-than-light neutrinos from September, widely doubted in October, were re-measured, taking into account some criticisms, and reproduced. I'm not looking ahead at what happened to this since november, don't give me spoilers.

Wavefunctions, the ubiquitous mathematical functions that describe quantum systems, might themselves be real, physical objects.

More in quantum physics, the 1988 conjecture "a-theorem" not only withstood the test of time, but, it appears, was quietly proved this year.

Astronomers found some pristine gas only containing the products of Big Bang.

Foam with perfectly optimal packing of bubbles (Weaire-Phelan foam), calculated in 1994, was shown to exist in real life.

In addition, new detailed studies of the physics and math of turning pigeons, swirling wine, flowing ink, jumping frogs, and the aerodynamics of jumping rope were all published last November.

Organic chemistry turns to trial and error serendipity for cool new reactions.

Powered flight does not evolve from gliding, at least not in bats.

Humans become unemotional after sleeping.

Also, modern humans have trouble with their teeth because the switch to farming changed the shape of the jaw.

Cows do not line themselves up along Earth's magnetic field, despite previous reports.

The legendary Sunstone of the Vikings, the device that locates the Sun on an overcast day, may have been discovered and shown to work.
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