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June 2012 in science: from gigapixel camera to fossilized mating

I still want to catch up by the time the Nobels come around.. so, here's what happened in June, after we said good-bye to Ray Bradbury:

High-speed galloping of the cheetah was compared to the greyhound, turns out the cats increase stride frequency as they accelerated, but the dogs don't.

A gigapixel camera was made and somehow earned an article in Nature. The camera weighs over 200 lb, but takes awesome pictures.

In more engineering innovation, a tabletop X-ray laser was made, which might even soon be within lab budgets.

A cure for Ebola was created, that works (on monkeys) when administered 24 hours after infection (previous cures only work if administered within minutes of the infection).

Thanks to Cassini, we're now almost certain that Titan has a global underground ocean. And they used the Love numbers to prove it.

The first example of ring species in plants was found, which exists in St. Croix as two species, but forms a continuous range of interbreeding populations around the Caribbean. Collecting those samples must have been nice.

The first 500 Terabytes of the complete mouse brain circuitry (at mesoscopic level) were relased, here, on Long Island.

Speaking of brain, direct link was proven between ontogenic columns (strings of sister neurons left behind by neuronal progenitors migrating from the center of the brain to its surface) and functional columns (radial brain structures that process related sensory information).

Complete atomic structure of a T3SS needle, the structure through which harmful bacteria inject effector proteins into host cells, causing everything from dysentery to bubonic plague, was resolved.

Speaking of atomic structures, atomic resolution electron tomography went 3D, using Fourier analysis of exit waves.

What else.. Bonobo genome was sequenced, I think it's the last one for the apes.

The interaction of high-speed raindrops and free-flying mosquitos was finally studied. Despite the raindrops being 50 times heavier, the mosquitos simply fly through them, without absorbing momentum.

Several 47-million year old pairs of mating turtles were found in Germany, the first ever prehistoric mating preserved in stone.

Poor human mothers produce fatter milk for their daughters, while rich moms produce fatter milk for their sons... in the areas where men have multiple wives.
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